Legacy Workshop

Build Your Legacy.

Have you ever thought about Your Legacy? The stories your loved ones will say about you; the trail you leave behind; and the impact you make on others?

Our workshop is designed to inspire you and your teams to connect with a higher purpose in life. You will learn how performing some simple inward-looking activities can guide you to achieve your goals both professionally, personally and potentially even contribute to the global effort of tackling the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals. We will walk you and your teams through 6 activities that will help you design not only your goals, but also awaken the superhero within. Linking both, you will write your legacy and build your one hero goal that will take you a step closer towards living that legacy.

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Let us bring this workshop into your business or team and help us to build our legacy through sharing the power of purpose. Reo Group will bring this session exclusively to your team and spend 2.5 hours inspiring them to work with your business in achieving goals that make a better future.

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