Our Services

Our Services

We work with clients across a number of industries and with different levels of business and organisational complexities and maturity, our services are designed to generate value for clients based on these fundamental principles – some edited text:

  • Business transformation is about making a change to people, process and technology to drive a specific outcome.
  • Transformation is unique from one client to another and from one initiative to another, even though the end goals may be similar.
  • Our clients are at different maturity of the business cycle, they may require an end-to-end solution or a specific solution to address a specific challenge with desired outcomes.

While we use the latest and best practice tools and processes, we don’t follow the practice of one size fits all. Our solutions are based on a comprehensive and realistic business assessment that is tailored to your business, culture and challenges. This is translated into a unique and achievable action plan with clear outcomes.

Our experienced business consultants deliver strategic business improvements to help clients manage and deliver transformation initiatives with guaranteed desired outcomes. This is achieved through end-to-end management or in-house through support with a specialised consultant.


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Reo Group - Operations and process improvement

Operations & Process Improvement

Our business process management method sets the foundation to deliver customer centricity, productivity, risk and compliance, and IT/Digital transformations. Our premise is that everything we do is part of a process, and we create or destroy value in the way we design and execute our processes. We will take your organisation on a journey to document, own, measure, govern, improve and align processes to strategy, brand and core values.

Reo Group - Risk and Compliaince

Risk & Compliance

Our process driven approach to supporting Risk & Compliance teams will enable you to clearly define controls across your organisation and define clear measurement systems of the efficiency and effectiveness of the control framework. We also work on accountability and transparency of the process owners to enable a clear and explicit way of managing business risk across functional silos.

Reo Group - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

​Looking at the impact of digital transformation at all levels of an organisation.  We help you understand the impact of technology led transformation on the organisation and manage the change plan to better deliver products, services and business processes through digitisation.

Reo Group - Consulting Resources

Productivity and culture change

Our methodology and approach to designing and deploying continuous improvement programs at organisational level, will enable you and your team to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation across all levels and roles.

Reo Group - Shared Services

Shared Services & Outsourcing

We provide you with an end to end solution for your outsourcing initiatives, from assisting with the business case, diagnostic, assessment, documentation and contract to execution.

Reo Group - Operating model Review

Operating Model  Review & Assessment

Our approach is to translate business vision and strategy into an executable 3-5 years plan. This will enable you to review core business capabilities, governance structure, process and systems, people and organisational structure to assess maturity. We help you put together a transformation planning roadmap, all the way through to program and project execution.

​​Learn more about our capabilities here.