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resonant leadership

What makes great leaders great?

How to certain people unify an organisation’s culture?

How do they manage to engage team members?

How do they seem to inspire others to be and do their very best?

Remarkably, it comes down to resonance. We now know that history’s best leaders and the most evolved leaders resonate at a high than usual vibration.

This resonance attracts people.

Reo’s breakthrough Resonant Leadership coaching and workshops are equipping finance professionals and client executive teams with this transformative skill.


Resonant Leadership

Great leadership works through emotions!

Success depends largely on how leaders do what they do. The leader acts as the organisation’s emotional guide and has the most power to sway everyone’s emotions one way or the other to either resonance or dissonance.

The Resonant Leader is a strong practitioner of the four key competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management.

Leadership Styles

Great leadership that resonates doesn’t just stem from good moods, positivity and the ability to say the right thing. It is also important that the leader knows and understands what specific leadership style to adopt given the specific circumstance.

Our program ensures that client becomes aware of the 6 key leadership styles, what they are and when to use them for the effective development and progression of the people and the enterprise.

Effective Influence

Influence is the art of letting others willingly have your way. Influencing others isn’t luck or magic.  It is science. 

There are 6 scientifically-proven principles of influence. When used effectively and for the right reasons they make the leaders Reo works with far more effective in being able to evoke the desired connections and decisions from those they choose to influence.

This influence is at the core of Business Partnering.

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