brand you

In just a few years, two unimagined changes have taken place that affect Australian business, the finance profession and your career.

The first is that fewer people are studying accounting. The GFC reduced demand for graduates. Fewer opportunities mean that employers have become more selective. It also means, ironically, that the peak accounting bodies say there’s a shortage of accountants.

The other big change is personal branding, or what we now call Best Self Identity.

Today, when 2 candidates of comparable skill apply for a role, the difference can come down to the power of their brand. Realise it or not, those that authentically and consistent act as a brand, and can clearly and powerfully articulate it, rise above all others.

Discovering and being Brand You…your Best Self Identity is now an essential skill for ambitious leaders. Most effectively helping leaders to do this is at the heart of the Reo way.

There are 2 key ways to build your Best Self Identity with Reo.

Personal Exploration
What’s included?

  • 2 hour 1:1 personal exploration session with a Reo trained Coach
  • Detailed resume analysis (technical + competency review)
  • Development of your collateral and brand presence (including Linked In and Resume)

Best Self Identity Workshops
What’s included – Insights and Outcomes?

  • Full day workshop with the world renowned Branding Expert Glen Campbell
  • Learn what the key elements are to be a remarkable leader, and to live a remarkable life
  • Be introduced to the incredible secrets of Quantum Physics and understand how to use core principles to be your best self and manifest anything you intend
  • Understand key secrets of your brain, mind, emotions, beliefs and thinking and how to best make them all work in harmony as your best self
  • Discover your true life vision, purpose, values and what makes your heart beat strongest, your life pulse, so you can live a heart led life that is truly fulfilled
  • You will be provided a simple tool to best capture your goals and action plan to ensure focused and consistent progression
  • You will get simple optimal tools and techniques that when practiced will make being your best self and getting what you want inevitable
  • Personal 1:1 with Glen Campbell to create your Best Self Identify Manifesto
  • Become part of an alumni of elevated professionals
  • This workshop is run exclusively for Reo’s patrons on a quarterly basis

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