meet the team

Marcelo Concha

Co Founder & CEO

Marcelo is the Co-Founder and CEO of the fast growing and award winning brand Reo Group. He has a strategic and operational focus and has been instrumental in the evolution of Reo, covering both finance recruitment and finance transformation project management for some of this country’s most successful businesses.

Marcelo's career spans 20 years of entrepreneurial business start-ups where he has owned, operated and then sold over 4 successful SME’s before venturing into Reo in 2009. His passion lies in developing Team Reo to drive their careers beyond their fears to achieve great goals.He is a true advocate for personal development and consistently strives to inspire the team to stretch and grow. As such, his passion is to create a culture at Reo that attracts and develops the best of the best the market has to offer.

Marcelo's vision is to inspire people to an extraordinary life so that they may discover the hidden truths to success and wellbeing. Reo Group is about expanding possibilities and holds the vision to elevate human potential. These visions together form the very essence of who he is and the way he operates in business.