meet the team

Maleeha Zahoor

Recruitment Consultant

Maleeha’s path to recruitment came with a strong belief that all relationships should be built on a foundation of trust, honesty and her fundamental intention is to make a positive impact on those she works with.

Joining Reo Group bringing over 6 years experience working in HR & Accounting, Maleeha also supports her experience with a bachelors degree in HR and a Masters in Accounting. It’s with her deep knowledge in the working context, that has enabled her to connect the right candidates with the right roles and in turn, have that positive impact she has set-out to make.

Getting the best fit for candidates and clients is not just about technical competency. She strongly believes that culture fit is a key ingredient that makes all the difference in the success of a team and in turn their organisations.

Maleeha spends time building strong relationships with her network, getting to know them and their authentic stories. This enables her to connect with them and truly understand which working environment would enable them to be their best self. She believes your authentic story is your best asset and when it’s brought forward - she places people in roles with more certainty and aligns candidates to organisations with confidence. Creating value for them that didn’t previously exist. Uncovering talent is her passion and bringing talent to the spotlight is her mission.

Candidate Testimonial 

"I don’t know how to start, but the whole experience of working with you is absolutely phenomenal.

Since I started to look for some new opportunities till the time I got settled in the new company. You stood by during the difficult time when I was in the dilemma [of] whether change will bring anything good to me and showing trust in me, guiding me, developing me, and finally placing me in the role and organisation where I feel my career will elevate at different professional dimension.

You’ve sincerely worked hard to find the right fit for me, which has given my career success. I can’t thank you enough for the support, care and concern you showed upon me. I wish you all the best in your glowing career and wish many more like me write their success story with you.

Lots of love and best wishes,
Paramita "