meet the team

Anmol Singh

Recruitment Consultant

A budding young recruitment professional with a Business and Commerce Degree, Anmol is a professional Sportsman and Athlete who has taken on the journey of mixing high performance training in sport with the realm of recruitment. Anmol believes there are many similarities in the environment within which entrepreneurs and sportsmen operate. Both are faced with challenging scenarios and dynamic conditions. For Anmol, teamwork, discipline, and perseverance are the keys to a successful journey.

As a Recruitment Consultant at Reo Group, Anmol is always on the lookout for quality talent. What drives Anmol’s passion at Reo Group is being able to meet a vast variety of different people from all walks of life and elevating their potential into bigger and greater opportunities.

Raised and educated in Western Sydney, Anmol understands the struggles of young individuals who aspire for more but lack the guidance. Anmol wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them put their best foot forward. For Anmol, it’s all about the Journey, not the destination.