Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Successful recruitment is a numbers game. We’ve placed more than 5,000 people in roles over the last decade. 98% of our permanent placements remain in place for more than two years, and 90% of temp roles are placed within 48 hours. These results boil down to understanding our clients and truly knowing our candidates – to a scientific approach to recruitment.

Our services spread across our teams with expertise in a range of professional disciplines including:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Services
  • Human Resources
  • Disruptive Technology, Data & Analytics
  • Executive Search

We help our clients build their power to make an impact by attracting, selecting and retaining the right temporary, permanent and executive talent.

Permanent Recruitment

In any form, recruitment is not just about the role, but the working context. Our consultants work with clients to rapidly understand their strategy, organisational structure and culture so we know where and how a role fits. It means more accurate job descriptions better aligned to business needs, maximising the impact of new talent.

Recruitment is time consuming, so there’s nothing more frustrating than meeting candidates who clearly aren’t right. By truly spending time with our candidates, we get to know them across 4 lenses – character, competency, motivation and experience. Our work behind the scenes with our candidates adds up to zero guesswork, zero wasted time and candidates that stick.

With 98% of our permanent placements remain in place for more than two years, the evidence speaks for itself. 

Temporary Recruitment

We’ve got temps at the ready. Peaks and troughs in workload are a given. Many of our clients address the irregularity of demand with temporary and contracted professionals. Because our teams are specialised, we have extensive networks and great talent at our fingertips. We build enduring relationships with our clients. We understand their business, personality, values and culture and we can identify the perfect fit for any temporary or short-term role.

When you need temp support you need it fast. Someone to be ready at a moment’s notice. It’s why 90% or temp roles are placed with in 48 hours.

Problem solved.

Executive Recruitment

In the business world, there’s a level above which the old recruitment model doesn’t function. The top jobs, the CEOs and CFOs, aren’t always advertised. The very best candidates aren’t searching and yet, people move. The best people, into the best roles.

This is where the magic happens. Engage Reo and you’ll experience something unique and rare.  We are connected to the best in the business and have a track record of placing the best people into the best roles and we have a reputation for handling these transitions confidentially. We know what it would take to entice the best to move and we know how well they’d fit.

What’s also rare is our forthright honesty.  If a CFO has achieved profitability, but her personality is disruptive, we’ll say so. We have our clients’ trust. When they seek to fill a top role, they seek our advice and help. There’s hardly a finance executive we don’t know.

We have our candidates’ trust. We help them develop their personal brands – often the key differentiator at this level. Many CEOs and CFOs have been in current positions long term. They trust us to manage a move smoothly, effectively and discreetly.

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