Executive Search

On a higher level

In the business world, there’s a level above which the old recruitment model doesn’t function. The top jobs, the CEOs and CFOs, aren’t advertised. The very best candidates aren’t searching and yet, people move. The best people, into the best roles.

This is where the magic happens. Engage Reo for the first time and you’ll experience something unique and something rare. What’s unique is that we are finance professionals. We are connected to the best in the business and have a track record of placing the best people into the best roles and we have a reputation for handling these transitions confidentially.

What’s rare is our forthright honesty.  If a CFO has achieved profitability, but her personality is disruptive, we’ll say so. We have our clients’ trust. When they seek to fill a top role, they seek our advice and our help. There’s hardly a finance executive we don’t know. We know what it would take to entice them to move and we know how well they’d fit.

We have our candidates’ trust. We help them develop their personal brands – often the key differentiator at this level. Many CEOs and CFOs have been in current positions long term. They trust us to manage a move smoothly, effectively and discreetly.

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