Best Self Identity

Best Self Identity

We are focused on creating opportunity and know the fastest way to do that is in nurturing and developing people.

That’s why, as a part of our development process, we insist all our candidates utilise a powerful and effective Method for discovering their true and authentic best self so they can more rapidly elevate to be a member of the new breed of transformative leaders.

To most effectively do this we have carefully selected a Method that is ‘para-disciplinary’ in nature.

It harmoniously blends the latest in empirical leadership research, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, eastern and western philosophy, a unique identity model, and over 30 years experience of the creator developing leading personal and organisational brands across four continents.

Leaders that have taken the time to develop their ‘Best Self Identity’ using this Method will dramatically enhance their skills and capabilities as a leader, and by association, that of people and culture.


By engaging in this Method, you will …

  • Learn the key elements to be a remarkable leader, and live a remarkable life.
  • Be opened up to compelling insights in Quantum Physics and Neuroscience – essential learnings for the new breed of leader.
  • Understand how to use these core principles to be in alignment with your true authentic best self, to lead more effectively and achieve at higher levels.
  • Understand key facts about your brain, mind, emotions, beliefs and thinking and how to best make them all work in harmony through the filter of your best self identity.
  • Discover your true life vision, purpose, values and what makes your heart beat strongest, your life pulse, so you can live a heart led life that is truly fulfilling and harmonious.
  • Get simple optimal mind, energy and behaviour change tools and techniques that when practiced will make being your best self and getting what you passionately intend an inevitability.
  • Get little known insights into harnessing even greater energy to shift into the optimal performance state of flow … success flow.

We are so committed to this approach that Reo Group leaders, along with the entire team have undertaken this Method.