Our Approach

The Reo Way

There are two ways recruiters traditionally find jobs for their candidates. One is to put a candidate in the best job available right now,  the other is to fill a vacancy with the best candidate available right now. Both do a disservice to the candidate and the company.

We do things differently at Reo, ensuring we find the right candidate for each role. We actively seek out great talent, we don’t wait for it to emerge. We build enduring relationships with our clients and candidates. We have built a powerful network of high achievers – both companies and individuals.

Of 10 candidates with the skills our clients seek, 1 has what it takes to be a Reo candidate. We look for candidates who are more self-aware, who are ready and willing to step up, who are capable of accelerating change and enhancing team performance.

Having found that inspired candidate, we go further. We nurture each candidate to ignite their full human potential. We create magical connections of minds and values.

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