We believe in what we do and what makes us different.

However, we know that what we say about ourselves will never be as persuasive as what our clients do.

Clare was very professional in her dealings with us, she really helped us in getting the process of recruiting an unusual role from beginning to end, I would definitely recommend her and I would call her for any future roles that I need.
~Charbel Daher – Commercial Manager at Harris Farm Markets

A year and a half ago a recruiter reached out to me about a role… I declined the interview as I was just about to start the job that I’m in now, but at the time, they were preaching the world of the role. They couldn’t keep quiet about just how perfect the role was for me (and I agreed) and how this role can really take me places. Fast-forward another 3 months and I get another call from the recruiter pitching me another role, similar to the last, except it was “much better than the other role, the other role has no growth opportunities” they said (strange how that changed so quickly…). I thought it wouldn’t hurt, so I had a Skype interview with the hiring manager, but felt it didn’t align with my career goals and ambitions – I gave this feedback to the recruiter and politely declined progressing further.

On Tuesday (2 months later) I received another email from this recruiter, pushing me to “reconsider because of the compensation” and “Without this, you will never get into x job”. Again I declined, this time with a sour taste in my mouth.

I wanted to drop you both a note to say thank you for the genuine career advice that you’ve both given me in the short time of knowing you. It is extremely heart-warming to know that the both of you offer a service on the complete opposite end of the spectrum to that of the recruiter I mentioned, and that you genuinely care about the candidates you work with and their future.

I have followed Reo and connected with you back in Reo’s early days when you just started and I am still following the blog. Reo was not able to find [me] any jobs back then, [however] after interview tips and suggestions from you and your colleague has helped me immensely on how to prepare, present, engage and ace all the rounds of interviews. Those tips and suggestions even worked in USA. I sincerely appreciate all your and Reo Teams help.
– Gagan Khatri

I have only really engaged with Reo Group over the last 4 months but in that short time have been impressed on a number of fronts. Firstly, the quality of the people I have engaged with has been first class. Their industry knowledge coupled with their professionalism has made engagement a pleasure. Secondly, the quality of the candidates has been very good. It helps when the person doing the recruiting is familiar with the industry and has worked within it. Finally, the Reo team work with the same sense of urgency I have in finding the ideal candidate in the shortest amount of time possible. We have partnered to go from brief to closing the offer in just a few weeks. I look forward to continuing my partnership with the team at Reo ensuring I find the best talent to drive the growth agenda at Metcash.
– Anthony George, GM Strategy & Commercial, Metcash

I am a big fan of Reo. The service level I receive is always top notch. […I have found Reo] to be proactive and great communicators, always prompt with candidate and process updates. Feedback on role positioning is always honest and I appreciate that.
– Simon Ng, Commercial Manager at Trivett

The insight for dialogue with Tom is next level. He took the time to listen to what I was talking about, he took the time to understand my challenges and what the underlying needs are of the business. He challenged back on some of the thoughts I had. He was able to effectively balance what is HR and what is finance. He just has that personality that makes things personal. Tom cares at a personal level. Tom is the most engaging and efficient recruitment leader I have ever worked with.
-Nathan Pietrie – GM Finance & Ops Subaru

I love working with Stella because you get frankness, she knows that service matters and as a result, she looks after us.
– Paul Perosin, COO Lederer Group

I only recently met Tony through providing a reference check for a former colleague and was instantly impressed by his professionalism and approach. He has helped us recruit two high quality candidates within two months and on short notice. He definitely understood that the cultural fit of a potential candidate is just as important as their previous employment experience and competence and was therefore able to recommend two candidates who both fit in very nicely in our team. I will definitely be seeking Tony’s assistance for our future recruitment requirements.
-Mon Tra, GFC Bridgeport

Stella has transformed my thinking. The way she sat down with me in that coffee shop and asked me the “why”, made me think about me in a new way. I got to understand my priorities and my story and linked my priorities to my career path in a way that no-one has done before. I got clarity on what my next steps, [to be] aligned with my why and my priorities.
– Rodney Forrest

first introduction to REO Recruitment was in 2013 when I was in between roles. I came in for a meet and greet and was asked to provide a copy of my drivers’ license. This didn’t impress me so the relationship was off to a rocky start! At the end of the interview, I was introduced to Raghav who has been able to move REO from the rocky start to being my recruiter of choice.

Over the last four years, Raghav has consistently impressed me. Why? From the start he has shown an interest in me, including once telling me about suitable roles advertised by another agency. As a candidate being honest with me through the recruitment process. As a client, taking time to understand the nuances I am looking for in a candidate, including the sometimes difficult to describe cultural fit piece. I continue to keep in contact with Raghav and he would be my first call should I need to change roles.
– Nigel

Nic has been a friendly, genuine and proactive consultant to work with, he sourced appropriate candidates that met the brief provided and facilitated a very smooth interview and appointment process.
Rhianna Phillips – Head of Shared Services

I have confidence that she [Courtney] understands the type of person we are after at Americold.  The PIPs I have attended always consist of strong candidates, with the person we employ tending to be the best cultural fit for the team, as opposed to me ever having any concerns around their level of professional competence, which is a credit to the pre work we don’t see to shortlist potential candidates for our organisation.
Daniel Brandon, Financial Controller

Archana was an absolute professional from the moment I met her. Not only was she professional she also took things to a personal level and just genuinely wanted to help. She helped in getting me a role in a more complex environment. This is exactly what I was looking for. Archana gave me her time and an opportunity to explain exactly what I was looking for and that’s exactly what she delivered. I am so happy with the job that I got.  She was extremely accommodating through the whole process. In fact, she called me every time she had an opportunity that she thought might be good for me. She called me every week and always kept me updated. She is an absolute gem. On the day of the interview I met with Tony and Nic. I was very nervous but both gentlemen made me feel very comfortable. I wanted to say thank you to Nic and Tony as well.
-Sonia A

I have known Raghav for over 3 years, having first been introduced through my own search for employment in 2015 and a role Raghav was recruiting for. While I ultimately accepted an alternative job offer, throughout my search Raghav gave objective, unbiased, honest and professional advice that helped me make my decision, putting his own short-term financial interests aside. As a result I knew I could trust that Raghav had the long-term career interests of his clients at the forefront of his mind, and have since partnered with him in filling many resource needs within my team. I know I can feel confident that Raghav has both my and his candidates’ needs thoroughly considered and balanced before putting them forward for consideration, giving us the best chance of forging a culturally compatible, mutually beneficial employment relationship.  I strongly believe good long-term commercial relationships are grounded in mutual trust and respect, and my relationship with Raghav is a case in point.
– Adam Guinea, GM Finance

I have had so many issues in the past with recruitment companies not screening candidates or not taking the time to understand the business and ensuring the right people are put forward. Clare at REO is now the only person I will deal with for recruitment. Clare takes the time to understand the team, the business and only puts forward candidates that have the experience to do the work as well as ensuring they are a suitable team fit.
– Alisa Reginato, Call Centre Manager

The support of the Reo team provides to candidates is phenomenal! I love the dedication they show to both the candidates and the client, and from a candidate’s perspective, they make you feel just as important as a potential client. Team Reo manage to inspire me every time I speak to them and they encourage me to continue doing what I am doing. I love what Reo represents.
– Ali Nabi

Stella is a phenomenon in the recruitment industry. Over my many years of experience, she has been the only person to take a genuine interest in both her client’s business and the candidate to ensure a proper cultural and technical fit. The relationship and contact for either party does not end at the time of signing a contract. Having partnered with Stella over the last 2 years, I have recruited 3 people into my finance team and have found her professionalism, tireless work ethic, capacity to send across the right candidate and willingness to act as a sounding board to be very refreshing.
– Steve Alexoudis

I first came by Stella by accident as I was a reference for a staff member who used to work in my Finance Team in a previous organisation. I very quickly worked out that she was an outstanding recruiter and listens carefully to your requirements. What differentiates Stella and Reo is that she is not afraid to challenge your thinking to ensure there is absolute clarity on the role, how it fits into the finance team and the remuneration expectations. When she sends you a shortlist, all candidates can perform the role, then it’s just about cultural fit. This process is therefore very efficient. I have also taken the opportunity over the last few years to seek Stella’s sound advice on organisation structures and remuneration reviews. I have valued her “straight up” response to our conversations. Stella and REO are a credit to the recruitment profession and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any progressive organisation who desires to lift organisational performance through hiring the right people.
– Michael Meyer

“As an important and preferred recruitment supplier (provider) for many years the Reo team has truly invested the time and resources to understand our culture, our organisation and most of all our employee profile fit. These are all very important requirements for our large organisation in finding the right candidates to employ in our fast growing finance and administration teams.”
– Tony A

As an older candidate, I found that Stella really understood my resume and then helped me structure the resume so that I could better market myself and I got the job. When I needed to recruit a candidate to work long hours, I found that Raghav and Yasemin listened closely to the job requirements and briefed the candidates well so that they were aware of the demands of the role and I didn’t waste my time interviewing candidates that were not going to be happy in such a role.
– Catharine Glynn

I have known Stella for 6 years and Raghav for 5 years. During this time I have used their services to recruit various finance roles for my team, they always make themselves available and listen to my requirements. A classic example of the Reo approach was a recent role in my team that required a very strong Treasury background, all other recruiters could not find any suitable candidates willing to work in Parramatta. Raghav came to the rescue and delivered an exceptional candidate who has been on contract for 12 months and will shortly become permanent in my team. From an individual perspective, Reo are the only team I trust with my career, they know who I am and will not place me into an organisation that does not fit my approach.
– Tony C

Stella approached me for the role in an ASX top 50 mid 2011 and I was place by Reo in September 2011 as a Divisional Financial Controller … Stella called me fortnightly between my offer and start date and has followed up with me fortnightly through the first 6 months. I find her approach to be thorough and professional. She leaves no stone uncovered. Working with her gave me a sense of security that my transition was in good hands and that she understood what the right move was for me to take.
– Jason Rogers

I met with Raghav when I was working for a US multinational FMCG organisation and I was the HR Manager. Raghav did a lot of work for us and really delivered in a Manufacturing FMCG environment that had very difficult finance requirements. When I left the organisation to be the HR Manager of a Banking Corporate, I brought Raghav and Reo’s services with me and now he recruits for me in my new role. I never thought I would say it as a HR Manager but when you find a good Recruiter, you need to hang on to them. Raghav gets it and delivers quickly. I trust him because he is sharp and follows process. He is my secret weapon.
– Chris Newton

I have worked with Stella and Reo over the last 5 years using their recruitment expertise to find the right Finance people for my team. Compared to many other recruitment agencies, I find the services offered by Reo to be exceptional.  In particular, using the PIP method to do the first screening of applicants really helps to speed up the process of narrowing down applicants to a short list.  Recently, we urgently needed to find a qualified accountant to step into a contract role while the business went through a restructure.  We were able to find an excellent candidate within a couple of days by drawing on Reo’s available candidates and using the PIP process.  We were so impressed with our contractor that we made them permanent – a great result for everyone!    I thoroughly recommend Reo if you want a Recruitment Agency that wants to work with you and understand your business, not just fill roles.”
– Lynda Dunn, Finance Manager

“I have found in Reo the ethical professionalism, dedication and commitment that regularly exceeds expectations. The vibrant culture at Reo and their understanding of the needs of the client has been the undermining quality of their success.”
– Vince C