Our Values

Our signature behaviours


Our core signature values are what drive our vision of elevating human potential. This is what we live and breathe externally and internally.


We ask questions that create magical connections

In all our interactions we strive to ask questions that will help the people we connect with elevate their capacity. We ask questions so that the moment of inspiration comes from you, in that way when you land on the answer, you own the solution.

We thirst for wisdom

We are thirsty to learn from every situation. We love to learn from our clients, candidates, our community and from each other within Reo. Wisdom does not come from labeling a situation positive or negative, but from asking “what did I learn from that situation”.

We respect and nurture one another

At Reo we don’t throw judgment or blame. Nurture is about having the intention to support people on their journey while respecting that we are all at different stages of self-discovery and self-elevation.         


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