Reo Group sets the cornerstone for growth

Reo Group sets the cornerstone for growth

June 17, 2021 by Catherine Kane

As the employment market contracted last year, Reo Group, with its notable people centric approach to recruitment, saw an opportunity to gain market share and embarked on an aggressive growth and M&A journey. The last 10 months have seen a mix of acquisition, new senior-level appointments and some outstanding results for the business.


  • In August 2020 we acquired TDR Group, strengthening our Finance, Accounting, HR, Corporate Services and Technology expertise.  We were also in the fortunate position to add Joel Adams (Executive Director) to our group. “Following 3 years running TDR Group the timing felt right. It became obvious we were all better together by joining forces. Stella and I often joked we had unfinished business and to now be working together again as true business partners is very exciting.” Joel Adams.


  • In January 2021 we formally launched our new Executive Search practice with longstanding Executive and Founding Director Raghav Mehta in the leadership position.Our Executive Recruitment product is an exciting opportunity to leverage our evidence based methodology and our deep relationships with the executive talent pool.” Raghav Mehta.


  • Diversifying our services, in May 2021 we secured Jonathan Attwood as Executive Director to build out our Financial Services and Insurance practice. “The timing is right for a new Search & Selection brand in the Financial Services & Insurance industries and I firmly believe joining the business presents a perfect synergy, especially in values.  I am excited to bring Reo Group’s market leading processes, products and methodology to a new sector.” Jonathan Attwood.


  • In November 2020 we initiated a merger between Reo Group and Cox Purtell. Cox Purtell is strong in the Corporate Services, Technology and Government sectors and we saw that would further complement our offering.  However, in May 2021 the final terms of the merger could not be finalised.  “Unfortunately integration milestones critical to both parties could not be completed. This doesn’t impact either Cox Purtell or Reo Group operationally and both organisations continue to grow and work collaboratively together.” James Purtell.


Over the last nine months we have seen quarter-on-quarter growth coming out of Covid. These have been the best months Reo Group has seen in its decade of trading.  Our investment in people practices as a result of our M&A activity, has given individuals the opportunity to expand their responsibilities which has in turn seen a deepening of our mission to lead a company where people can grow and thrive.  This position has ultimately provided the platform for us to continue to serve our clients and candidates and help them succeed through tackling their personal and business recruitment challenges.


This puts us in a unique position to continue to consider opportunities for further M&A activity in the near future, as we continue to strive to build one of the most successful people businesses in Australia.

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