Coming together in the face of COVID-19 to connect human potential

Coming together in the face of COVID-19 to connect human potential

March 13, 2020 by Tom Nisevic

As the world grapples with the challenges of COVID-19, we are seeing both the higher levels of human behaviour as well as, unfortunately, some of the lower levels. There is also confusion across businesses on how best to handle the impact on people and teams.

A number of our clients have reached out to us for guidance on how best to adjust and navigate their people and hiring strategies through current events or how best to set up effective remote working arrangements while maintaining team engagement.

Many candidates are confused as to what this will mean for the job market over the coming months.


What is critical now is awareness, effective planning, and strength in personal leadership.


At Reo Group, our purpose is in elevating human potential and we wanted to take a moment to communicate to our clients, candidates, community and broader industry alike on how we can help and also on our own operational changes to ensure we continue to support businesses and people as we all work through the impacts of COVID-19.


Reo Group’s operational changes 

An increasing number of organisations are instilling work from home arrangements and office shutdowns as a result of COVID-19. Reo Group is also putting in place our own operational contingency plans. As part of these plans, effective immediately, we will shift towards video communication with all our clients, candidates and partners.


It’s time for all of us to elevate our leadership

Unfortunately, we are seeing some panic reactions across the globe and resulting disruption to business, be it either through their supply chains, operational management, financial performance or people. We know that it is in times like these when the conviction of our leadership in all of us needs to shine. It is when people will look to their leaders for support and strength.

Businesses are being and will continue to be put under significant pressure in how they react to these challenges, be it through the impact on financial performance, maintaining people’s engagement or ensuring productivity with remote working arrangements.

Now more than ever we need to connect all our human potential as a community to remain positive, diligent and support each other.


Let’s come together to make things happen for the better

Businesses are groups of people coming together to make things happen. And in that regard, we at Reo Group would like to offer our support for organisations and people who are also being challenged by the outbreak.

If you require advice or guidance on how to navigate through these unchartered waters as a leader or as a job seeker, please reach out to one of our advisors. Once we all work through the impacts of COVID-19, the successful leaders and businesses will be those that can balance the short-term implications with their long-term strategic focus.


As a hiring manager, no doubt the financial repercussions of COVID-19 will put even more pressure on your hiring strategies. If you would like to discuss contingency planning, temporary placements or potential opportunities around how to enhance your operational structure that are both cost-effective and highly impactful, we can help.

As a job seeker, no doubt this is making your job search process even more challenging and you may be concerned as to how best to approach the market. Don’t panic. Be at your energetic best and reach out to us for support, even if you just need someone to ask for advice.


Final thoughts

While for the moment the way we interact may have to change, we continue to be here for you.
Businesses are still hiring. People are still wanting to grow in their careers.
Amazing candidates remain ready to elevate the next business they join.
Amazing leaders continue to be agile in adjusting to the impact while supporting their people.

At Reo Group, we remain committed to elevating the human potential of all the people we come in contact with and together with our Elevate a Nation campaign, are ready to help however we can.

So set your contingency plans and communicate with your people.
And remain focused on the long term.


For up to date (reliable) information on the coronavirus you can use these links:

World Health organisation

New South Wales Health

Centre for Disease control

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