Finding Jobs & Talent – the curious mix of gut and evidence

Finding Jobs & Talent – the curious mix of gut and evidence

February 20, 2020 by Tom Nisevic

It is a difficult talent market out there.

As a candidate, it is hard to get noticed, or seriously considered. There are a lot of people looking for new roles.

As a hiring manager, it is hard to work through the volume of applicants and be clear on what you need for today and tomorrow.

I know. I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

Too often people allow themselves to be led by unconscious bias and judgement. Yet, ensuring clarity around what the right talent looks like and how best to sell yourself is one of the most important, albeit poorly understood things I’ve seen in the market.

Because having the right person, in the right seat, at the right time, is where the magic happens. Where impact is delivered.

So I want to share a framework that helps both candidates and hiring managers alike. It’s part of the Reo Group’s Evidence Based Recruitment Methodology, a unique four step talent management method that ensures the right people are in the right roles at the right time. It’s also why 98% of our permanently placed candidates are still in their roles at the two year tenure point! So why not share it!

For candidates, it helps you shape your profile in the best possible way.

For hiring managers, it helps you ensure clarity on who you need.

We call it the Reo Group Profile360 Map. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective.


Reo Group Profile360 Map

The Reo Group Profile360 Map provides insight across four dimensions of talent that is crucial for leaders and executives working in complex environments.

  • Experience – what you’ve delivered. The education, roles and responsibilities across time that make up your experience.
  • Character – who you are. The personality characteristics that influence behaviours, attitudes, grit and interpersonal intelligence.
  • Competencies – how you operate. The skills that outline how you deliver.
  • Motivators – why you do what you do. The preferences, values and motivations that influence your career choices and aspirations.


Making it relevant to you

It’s relevant regardless if you are looking for a job or looking to hire someone in your team. And if you just happen to be both (typically most of us!), it helps put yourself in the best possible place to beat the rest of the pack (as a leader and candidate)!

As a candidate

In today’s highly competitive market, getting noticed is extremely difficult. If you have been applying for roles lately, no doubt you have been subject to a rejection or no response whatsoever. It’s disengaging. What makes it worse is that hiring managers and/or recruiters are likely to spend less than ten seconds looking at your resume! They’ve got too many profiles to go through.

So it’s important you get your profile balanced right.

You can use the Profile360 Map to ensure you bring together the four dimensions through your brand statement, your responsibilities as well as your achievements. Everyone is looking to ensure the right ‘culture fit’ and often, the endless list of requirements you see on job ads are really there to provide a reference to filter out the typically huge number of applicants.

Here is a snapshot:

  • Experience – outline of your experience ideally aligned with the kinds of roles you are looking for. Make sure you cover off your key workflows, including your education, qualifications and systems knowledge, as well as your team and stakeholder leadership experience.
  • Character – how are you creating a picture of who you are to a prospective hiring manager? Remember, your energy and presence, communication style and even appearance are all key aspects of who you are and how you will be the right fit.
  • Competencies – most hiring managers want to know whether you are a good operator. How do you think and what kind of effort do you typically put in to get things done? Cover off your achievements that show how you go above and beyond, your ability to influence, attention to detail etc.
  • Motivators – you need to be clear with yourself around why you need what you need. Ensure you have clarity on your values, what you are passionate about, where you think you may want to take your career. What you want in a location, remuneration and the kind of culture shouldn’t be overlooked.

All together, these help form the flavour of who you are and how you are special in the market compared to the myriad of other people out there.

Bringing it together, we call it the Reo Group Profile360 Brand Map.


As a hiring manager

In today’s highly competitive market, finding the right person is hard. What makes it even harder is when you don’t clearly understand yourself, what that person looks like (figuratively!).

It’s important to therefore shape the profile of the person that will be the right fit in the role. Because we know that having the right person in the right seat at the right time is what delivers impact. It will also help you be clear with your internal stakeholders (e.g. Internal talent/HR, your leader) as well as with potential talent you come across.

You can use the Reo Group Profile360 Map to outline and confirm what you need and manage expectations through the talent search process accordingly.

Here is a snapshot:

  • Experience – what is the critical experience you need to see in a person’s background that is a core requirement for them to be successful? How important is previous leadership experience? Think about the key stakeholders this person will be working with, what they are like and therefore what’s important to you.
  • Character – who are you as a leader and thinking about the broader team and environment, what are the critical aspects the person needs to show? Do they need to be energetic, composed, professional or relaxed, do you need someone with highly refined communication skills?
  • Competencies – you want someone to grow and not just do the role but do more. This requires the right competency skills. Thinking through the kind of work involved, the organisation and stakeholders, list out your key competencies that you feel are important. You can then use this to test and assess candidates on.
  • Motivators – ensuring all the time spent meeting people is worth it, you want the person to join for the right reasons, and to stay. Consider the progression opportunities and the values that underpin your team culture, then question these through the recruitment process.

All together, these help form the outline of what the right kind of profile will look like and provide you with some clarity on where each has strengths and areas for growth.

Bringing it all together, we call it the Reo Group Profile360 Needs Map.

If you’d like to know more, reach out to the Reo Group and we’d be happy to help. After all, we are the destination for the science of recruitment.

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