8 Good news stories from 2019 you might not have heard about

8 Good news stories from 2019 you might not have heard about

December 23, 2019 by Reo Group

Phew! As 2019 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on the many challenges and exciting changes we have experienced at Reo this year.

In particular, we have been aware of how a culture of giving and kindness can make a huge impact on the world. So often good news gets drowned out in the daily grind and constant unhappy news that we see and hear daily. We wanted to end the year on a high note with a post highlighting some good news stories coming out of 2019 that you may not have heard about. We are aware the small things can make a huge impact. Building a legacy might not be building a business, or creating world peace, it could be creating mittens for Koala or waving at people… 😉


1) Making an Impact with B1G1

In 2018 we partnered with B1G1 and Dot Com Mob and challenged ourselves to donate 50000 days of education to children in need by 2021. We had no idea the impact this project would have, not only on Reo as a company but also on each staff member. We have ended the year having made an amazing 17890 giving impacts. As we watch this number climb we find our excitement growing – we want to do more! This partnership has highlighted to us that giving is infectious and how a true giving culture in an organisation changes each individual on a personal level.


B1G1 and Dot Com Mob


2) Mittens for Koala paws

The perpetual smokey haze around Sydney over the last three weeks has been a reminder of all the people and animals that have been affected by the fires burning throughout NSW and Queensland. This story of people all over the world creating mittens for burned Koala paws warmed our hearts as it shows how people will pull together in the most unusual ways. This amazing group has also raised $2million to help the affected animals, including distributing automated watering stations to some burn affected areas.


3) 9-Year-old William save pocket money for his Nana

Nine-year-old William Kelleher’s nana Nora had not been to the St Patricks Day parade she loved in over 10 years because of her bad back, so William took matters into his own hands. Every Friday since May 2018 William went to the newly built Maldron hotel and paid towards a hotel room for his nana with his pocket money. Nora and William enjoyed a birds-eye view of the parade this year (and William received an anonymous donation of a gift card to the local toy shop). We can’t wait to see what the determination of this young man will create in the future!


4) Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage patch

On a bigger scale, one year after testing, The Ocean Clean Up has collected trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for the first time this year. Launched in 2012 by the ingenious Boyan Slat, this ambitious project aims to remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic from the ocean in just 5 years. They have a goal to clean 90% of the ocean’s plastic pollution. The Ocean Clean up has also launched a river clean up project to intercept and remove the plastic pollution from the world’s most polluted rivers before it reaches the oceans.


The Ocean Clean Up

Image courtesy of The Ocean Clean Up


5) Stars giving back

When two high school students were filmed gifting a fellow classmate some new clothes, the post went viral and was noticed by Ellen Degeneres. Michael Todd had been bullied for not being able to afford new clothes, so his two classmates took it upon themselves to buy him some new clothes and sneakers. The students Kristopher Graham, 14, Antwain Garrett, 16, and Michael Todd, 14 were invited onto the Ellen show and were then surprised by a visit from Will Smith. Don’t miss this post and watch the bewildered reaction of these young men as they see the far-reaching impact of their kindness. Amazing stuff!


No one has ever become poor by giving ~ Anne Frank


6) Neighbourhood says thanks to 88-year-old Tinney Davidson

This uplifting story highlights how infectious simple acts of kindness can be. For the last 12 years, 88-year-old Tinney Davidson has formed a special bond with the school children in her neighborhood as she cheerily waved at them each morning and afternoon as they walked to and from school. When they found out she was moving this year, they made a special effort to show how much they would miss her.

As the post say’s ”…And it can be so simple. A smile instead of a frown. Making eye contact. Calling someone by name. A wave out the window. These are not difficult things, and they’re not giant gestures, but they are what can make a difference.


Smiling girl with flower

7) Making in impact on mental health

Starting in January 2019, 370 schools in the UK have been enrolled in a long-range study where they will be taught wellness techniques aimed at providing the student with better coping skills and self-awareness of their mental health. The study expects to show how investing in training and setting aside class time devoted to relaxation, mindfulness and mental health with result in lower levels of depression anxiety and suicidal thoughts. With the startling amount of suicides around the world, we think this is an amazing initiative – we will keep an eye on this with great interest!


8) The highest-paid CEO in Australia is a woman

According to the Australian Financial CEO pay survey, for the first time ever, the highest-paid chief executive in Australia is a woman. Shemara Wikramanayake became CEO of Macquarie Group in July 2018, also making history by becoming Macquarie groups first female CEO. In 2019, Wikramanayake was named one of Fortune’s ‘Most Powerful Women’ internationally. We congratulate Shemara in making powerful strides forward in United nations Sustainability goal # 5! With her steady eyes focused on Climate change, we are sure we will see more good news coming from her in the future.


Looking forward to 2020

For us, we want to expand into new sectors, across borders and challenge the status quo in the bias around hiring. We will make a massive impact through our elevate a nation campaign, we will commit to elevating our community through incredible events and of course, take good care of our people by challenging them to grow and be a better version of themselves.

Our last word goes out to our amazing family at Reo. We’ve come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories. How reassuring it has been to know that we can count on all of you regardless of what faces us. Working with each of you this past year has been a pleasure and we’re proud to have you all with us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all!

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