Here are 5 essential skills that every employer wants

Here are 5 essential skills that every employer wants

March 28, 2019 by Raghav Mehta

In today’s competitive workplace, employers are on the lookout for finance professionals who go above and beyond the job description. This means if you want your application to stand out it needs to not only show that you can do the job well but also demonstrate that you can bring value in other important areas.

Candidates who are adaptable, analytical, proactive, empathetic and resilient actively contribute to the growth, development and success of the business.
So how can you show prospective employers that you’ve got what it takes? Read on to find out more about the skills employers want and how you can demonstrate you possess them.

Adaptable and Open to Change

As organisations strive to get ahead, and technology continues to rapidly advance, things rarely stay the same for long. Whether it’s a new system, a company restructure or a change in your role, being able to adapt and thrive on change is more valuable than ever.
To demonstrate your flexibility, provide potential employees with real-life examples of times you’ve successfully navigated change. Maybe you completed additional workshops or courses to keep up with an important new industry trend? Or perhaps you were responsible for sourcing, implementing and rolling out a new project management solution? Showing how you adapted and thrived in a changing environment with concrete examples will be a definite tick.

Effectively Analyse and Solve

While there’s a huge amount of data available these days, it’s not much good without analysis. This means the ability to extract insights from data and identify where it can be most effectively used is a very handy talent. But whether it’s data related or not, analytical thinking is highly regarded in the workplace as it can bring increased efficiencies, identify new markets, improve ROI and so much more.
Proving you have a knack for solving problems can put you at the top of the shortlist of candidates, so prepare some examples of your analytical mind at work. Be sure to describe the steps you took from the original problem through to the eventual solution, as these details matter as much as the outcome.

Show Initiative and Be Proactive

Initiative has long been valued at work, and so it remains today. When you back yourself to make smart decisions without seeking outside help unnecessarily, you lighten the load on management and free up their time to focus on the big stuff. Being proactive in your role also allows you to respond to circumstances fast, which contributes to the agility and responsiveness of the organisation.
In an interview, you could share a few ways you demonstrated initiative in your previous role. And if you can tie it together by explaining how this led you to receive recognition in the way of a promotion, award or top results, you’re sure to make a good impression.

Empathy Towards Others

Showing empathy towards others helps you connect and shows you care. This is a highly valued skill in any organisation where customer satisfaction is a key component of their success, however, it’s just as important when it comes to the relationship between staff.
Empathy involves noticing, understanding and connecting with others and it can have a big impact. When employees feel empathy towards each other, teams work more effectively. It also helps to create a positive workplace environment. The best way to demonstrate empathy is to show it in all your interactions with others. It won’t go unnoticed.

Resilient Under Pressure

Resilience is a real asset in the fast-paced and ever-changing modern world of finance. It helps you manage the daily pressures of your workload and effectively handle change. Plus, employees who have the inbuilt ability to get back up after failure are more likely to succeed. As the famous quote goes, “Failure is success in progress”.
When demonstrating your resilience to potential employers, cite examples in your work history where you’ve not only overcome a setback or challenge but thrived in the face of it.

Sharpen These Essential Skills for Future Success

To put yourself in the running for the best roles at the top organisations, sharpening these five highly-sought after skills are essential. Because while the future is uncertain, and your role in finance will change over time, these timeless skills will always be valued and in-demand.


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