How to break the ice and make a good First Impression in your new job

How to break the ice and make a good First Impression in your new job

February 1, 2019 by Reo Group

Starting a new job is exciting but it can also be terrifying. Finding your way around, meeting new people and fitting in are all challenging enough – and on top of this you also need to learn fast and impress in your new role.

Successfully navigating those first few days and weeks and creating a good first impressions is a great way to set yourself up for success. So, to help you get off to the best possible start, we’ve compiled our top tips for breaking the ice and building rapport in your new workplace.

Start by Introducing Yourself

It’s tempting to keep a low-profile and hide behind your desk on your first day, especially if you’re not naturally outgoing. But getting out there and meeting your co-workers is a must! Introduce yourself, smile and try and remember as many names as you can. Be proactive and don’t rely on your co-workers to come to you, or your boss to make the introductions as they’ll likely be busy. It takes a bit of courage, but you’ll leave at the end of the day feeling much better for it.

Take an Interest in Others

During your first few conversations with your new co-workers, it’s important to show an interest in getting to know them. Greet them each day and ask open-ended questions, such as how their weekend was to get the conversation going. Listen well, be genuine and don’t forget to smile. Building rapport relies on good communication and finding some common ground, so be on the lookout for shared interests that can help you connect.

Watch and Learn the Culture

All workplaces have their own culture, quirks and unique way of doing things. Keep a keen eye on getting to know how things are done from day one. Watch for things like how coffee breaks are taken and find out about kitchen etiquette such as who washes up. It can be helpful to find a veteran of the company who you can go to for advice. From finding out where the stationary is kept to sussing out the best local coffee shops, having an ally to ask the silly questions can help you feel comfortable and settle in sooner.

Be Social at Lunch

If there’s a tea room or an area where most of your co-workers eat lunch together, be sure to join them. That time away from your desk is a great place to break the ice and get beyond the small talk. Every workplace is filled with interesting people who you can learn a lot from, and the daily lunch break is the ideal setting to discover who you click with and to build relationships.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When you start somewhere new, if you’re not sure about something don’t be afraid to ask questions. No one will expect you to walk in and know it all, and asking questions is often the best way to learn. However, there is a fine line, so make sure you use your initiative and smarts to figure out anything basic.

Work Hard and Be on Time

While being friendly is important, your efforts can be all too easily undone if you fail to do the basics right. When it comes to impressing your new colleagues showing up on time and working hard is one of the simplest and most effective ways to earn respect.

Be Open to Change and Adaptable

No matter how much you know about your new role and workplace in advance, there are bound to be some surprises. Heading in with an open mind and positive attitude will help you be flexible and adapt to your new surroundings. Things will be different from your last job, for better or worse, so be prepared to accept this and make the most of the opportunity and fresh start.

First Impressions Count, So Be Prepared

Starting a new job is often stressful, but when you prepare yourself mentally in advance, you give yourself the best chance of a good start. First impressions tend to stick, but when you head in with the right mindset, willingness to adapt and an open, friendly and genuine outlook, you’re bound to make a good one.


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