3 Reasons Why Every Workplace Needs Women Mentors

3 Reasons Why Every Workplace Needs Women Mentors

February 1, 2019 by Stella Petrou Concha

These days, women mentors are playing an increasingly important role in the modern workplace.

As an experienced and trusted advisor, they share their knowledge and skills with mentees, inspiring, guiding and encouraging them to achieve their career goals. In addition, they can also offer valuable perspective on work-life balance, helping mentees to follow a path that matches their unique needs and lifestyle and results in a more satisfying, rewarding and sustainable career.

Women mentors bring many benefits to the mentee and the organisation, in both the short and longer-term. So, read on to learn three key reasons why women make great mentors.

Holistic Approach to Career Goals

While traditionally mentors have been all helping mentees to climb the corporate ladder, women mentors often take a more holistic approach. Rather than focusing purely on career goals, they ask questions and dig a little a deeper to get to know their mentee better. Understanding the wants and needs of the mentee helps them to map out a career path that will make the mentee happy in the short and longer-term, both on a professional and personal level.

This extra level of insight also provides the basis of a strong bond and successful relationship, which is often maintained throughout the mentee’s career.

Finding Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance and finding your ideal role can often feel like an impossible mission. Women mentors can offer plenty of perspective and valuable advice for working parents who are trying to build a career that matches both their ambitions and lifestyle.

The corporate climb is not necessarily the best path for everyone. For some the extra hours and pressure of top-level jobs may be achievable, while for others, having the flexibility to meet the needs of their family is a higher priority. Helping mentees understand how to strike that elusive work-life balance is one of the most valuable lessons women mentors can share.

Identifying the Right Career Path

When employees are happy in their role, they are more likely to work hard and stick around. Because women mentors encourage their mentees to form a career path that is the right fit for their professional goals and their lifestyle, they make a valuable contribution to increasing staff satisfaction and retention levels.

In the short-term, this equates to increased productivity and morale in the workplace. In the longer-term, staff with high-levels of job satisfaction tend to thrive in their roles and remain loyal to the organisation, which is a win-win for all parties.

Women Mentors Are a Must in the Modern Workplace

With the increasing need for employee work-life balance, women mentors are a great asset to any organisation. Not only do they help mentees find their feet in the world of finance and take the next step in their career, they also ensure their goals and aspirations are a good match for them moving forward. And this makes for a happy and productive workplace.


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