7 Essential Daily Habits to Avoid Burnout at Work

7 Essential Daily Habits to Avoid Burnout at Work

December 13, 2018 by Tom Nisevic

No matter what you do, if you work too hard for too long, you’ll end up burning yourself out. Not only is burnout bad for your physical and mental health, it also has a negative impact on your performance at work. When you’re tired and stressed, you’ll be less effective and productive. You’ll also be irritable and prone to making mistakes.

When you’re constantly under the pump at work, it can seem like the only way forward is to push on no matter the cost – but this approach will inevitably lead to burnout at some point! The good news is, that with a few adjustments to your lifestyle and schedule, you can get the job done without causing yourself harm.

In this article we’re sharing seven simple but effective habits that can help you conquer a hefty workload minus the burnout.

Pick Up on The Signs

It’s important to pick up on the early warning signs that you’re doing too much. The symptoms will be different for everyone, but could include feeling irritable, tired or sluggish. Have you lost the motivation to go out on weekends or socialise with friends? Too tired to exercise? Or maybe you can’t find the energy to play with the kids? Put two and two together to find the cause, and if working too hard is the problem, take steps now to find a better balance.


Time Management

Ever wonder how successful people fit so much in their days? Much of it comes down to the art of effective time management. Planning your day gives you an overview before you start, allowing you to clearly see what is achievable and avoid feeling overwhelmed. With a plan in place you can prioritise your workload, ignore distractions and delegate when necessary, so you can feel in control and get more done.


Look After Your Health

You can’t perform at your peak if your health is poor – so make it a priority to adopt good habits. Doing the simple things like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep will go a long way to boosting your productivity, mood and motivation levels. If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, meditation can be a big help too.


Set Yourself Boundaries

If you’re constantly putting your hand up for overtime or helping others even when you’re snowed under yourself, it will eventually catch up with you. Put a limit on the number of hours you’ll work above and beyond your normal working day and learn to say no. Setting yourself clear boundaries helps to keep your work-life balance in check, so you can arrive at work feeling refreshed rather than exhausted before you start.


Schedule Time for You

When planning your day, be sure to include regular breaks. Setting aside time to relax and recharge is a must, even when you’re busy. A short break gives you a boost, helping you tackle your workload with increased energy, so you’ll get more done. Taking time off work at regular intervals is also a must. Don’t let your holidays build up too much – getting away from the daily routine of work is important. You’ll come back refreshed and be more efficient and productive as a result.


Remember Why it Matters

Taking a moment regularly to think about why your work is important is a great way to focus your energy. When you can find meaning in what you do, and align it with your values, it’s easy to stay motivated. On the other hand, if you have no real sense of purpose it has the opposite effect and every day can seem a struggle.


Find a Real Work-Life Balance

With the hectic pace of life today, it’s far too easy to work hard, overdo it and fall into a rut that can ultimately lead to burnout. We all know that having a life outside of work is important, but to really find that balance you need to have a purpose and meaning outside of the office. If you don’t already have a hobby or interest that gets you up and going on the weekends, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll be fresher, happier and far more equipped to tackle work on Monday when you’re having fun and enjoying life.


Act Now to Avoid Burnout

Unfortunately, burnout is far too common in the corporate world. However, when you recognise the signs and take steps to keep yourself in check it can be avoided. Setting yourself up with good daily habits at work allows you to be organised and productive without overdoing it. And when you look after your health and give yourself time to have fun and recharge outside of work, you’ll have the energy and motivation you need to stick to your schedule and get things done without relying on overtime.

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