6 Important Steps That Will Get Your Recruiter Working for You

6 Important Steps That Will Get Your Recruiter Working for You

November 22, 2018 by Courtney Price

If you’re in the market for a new job and are struggling to find the right opportunity, before long it can get pretty disheartening. This is especially true if you’ve prepared a great resume and are working with a recruiter. You’re doing all you can, right? Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the phone to ring…

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Every recruitment agency has a pool of talent they represent, so if you want to get ahead of the pack you need to be sure your recruiter is working for you. In this blog, we’ll share 6 important ways you can put yourself to the top of the list and find that dream job faster.


1) Share your brand statement

A common mistake that candidates make in interviews is to focus solely on their achievements. While experience and results are obviously important, it’s not what makes you memorable – and in truth, it can make for a boring pitch.

Whether you’re meeting with a recruiter or a potential employer, go prepared with a brand statement that explains your why. Giving an insight into why you’re passionate about what you do, helps your interviewer understand what makes you tick. Your story is unique, and it will leave more of an impression than just listing the highlights of your career.


2) Explain your value

Before attending any interviews, be sure you have a clear understanding of your own value. What exactly will you bring to a company if they hire you? For example, are you an effective problem solver? Or a great motivator of people?

It’s a good idea to write it down, as this will help you be clear and confident when discussing your value in an interview setting. Identifying your key strengths and articulating exactly how they’ll bring value to your employer is a great way to stick in the mind of your interviewer and get yourself on the shortlist.


3) Give tangible examples of your achievements

When sharing examples of your career achievements, be sure to keep it real. Use tangible examples in your resume and back them up with evidence. For the best results, you should accompany your achievements with explanations of the positive effect they had. Did they save your company time, money or resources?

Be sure to back your statements up with numbers to give them credibility. And remember, the best resumes are clear and easy to read – so keep it simple.


4) Be consistent with your message

When discussing your achievements during your interview, it’s best to stick to the examples you’ve used in your resume. This allows you to be consistent in your messaging and reinforces what you’ve written.

It helps your interviewer too, as they can refer back to your resume afterward for further clarification. It also helps them to build a clearer picture of you, which helps you stand out, especially if your interviewer has been speaking to a lot of other candidates.


5) Make an effort to look sharp

First impressions count and making the effort to dress smart for your interview goes a long way. When you look the part, you get a tick – and on the flip side, if you clearly have not given much attention to your attire, you’ll likely get a big cross.

The truth is, in an interview environment, you’ll always be assessed on your appearance to a degree. So, wear a suit, be clean and look sharp. This goes for every interview – including those with a recruiter!


6) Know when to walk away

If you follow the steps above, and still have doubts about your recruiter, don’t be afraid to walk away. Be prepared to accept the fact that maybe they just don’t get you. In this situation, there’s no point wasting time trying to convince them of your worth as it’s likely to prove futile anyway. Sometimes, the best option is to go and find yourself another recruiter.


So, is your recruiter working hard for you?

If you are looking for that new job to accelerate your career, it’s not enough to hire a recruiter and wait for something to happen. To fast track your search and ensure the right opportunities come your way, you need to be sure your recruiter is the right fit. Be sure to clearly explain your why and your value, and back it up with relevant experience and a good resume. And if you’re still not convinced your recruiter is doing enough, make the call to move on to one who will.


If you’d like to chat to a recruiter who goes the extra mile for candidates, contact Reo today!

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