6 Reasons Flexible Working Arrangements Benefit Your Business

6 Reasons Flexible Working Arrangements Benefit Your Business

October 17, 2018 by Stella Petrou Concha

For many employees today, it’s a struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance – which is why workplaces that offer flexible working hours are becoming increasingly in-demand.

There are lots of different ways you can provide flexibility to your employees. From altered start and finish times, to job sharing and working from home, finding an arrangement that works for both parties is the key to success.

Providing flexible arrangements is obviously great for your employees – and it can also have a positive impact on your business too. Here are some of the key benefits.

Attract the Best Talent

These days, flexibility in the workplace is highly valued, and those who offer it often attract the best talent. From part-time positions, to early or late starts, or even working from home, there are many options to help you find a solution that’s mutually beneficial. Offering flexibility at work sends a message that your organisation is forward-thinking and values its people, which allows you stand out as an employer of choice.

A Happy and Productive Workplace

The willingness to offer flexibility to suit your employee’s lifestyle and family commitments is a great morale booster for your team. With a better work/life balance, your people will be happier and less likely to suffer from stress or burnout. They’ll also feel valued, which increases loyalty, motivation, job satisfaction and productivity.

Less Unscheduled Time Off

When your employees are working the hours they want, they are far less likely to take unscheduled time off. By offering flexibility with hours, RDOs, time off in place of overtime or working remotely, you can help them meet their obligations outside of work without needing to take time off at the last minute. This reduces unscheduled absences and allows you to reorganise workloads and daily tasks in advance.
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Flexible work hours results in less unscheduled time off work

An Efficient and Focused Team

If your team have the flexibility they need to effectively manage their life and family commitments, they can fully focus at work and be their best. When they’re preoccupied with thinking about who will pick up the kids or take their elderly mother to an appointment, productivity drops, and mistakes are easily made. Flexibility with hours can remove this unnecessary distraction and allow your team to perform at their peak.

Higher Retention Rates

As mentioned above, offering flexible working arrangements to your team boosts morale, reduces stress and makes them feel valued – which provides them with plenty of reasons to remain loyal to your organisation. The ability to retain your high-level talent saves valuable time and resources on recruitment, and helps you gain a competitive edge over other businesses.


Extended Hours of Service

When you have employees starting early or finishing late, you can offer extended office opening hours to your clients. Having people at work outside of standard business hours can also be great for productivity. There will be less distractions and interruptions from phone calls, which means tasks will be completed sooner and more can get done.


Is Your Organisation as Flexible as It Could Be?

Offering flexible working arrangements can on the surface seem like an inconvenience, but it brings many benefits to your employees and your business.
Positioning yourself as a flexible and family-friendly employer allows you to attract and retain the best talent, which is essential to the growth of your business. And when your team are happy with their hours of work, they’re more focused, efficient, and productive – and more likely to stick around.
To bring flexibility into your organisation, you don’t need a major overhaul – but there is much to be gained when you have an open mind and willingness to do things a little differently.

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