5 Important Ways Thinking Like a Child Can Elevate You to Be Your Best

5 Important Ways Thinking Like a Child Can Elevate You to Be Your Best

August 15, 2018 by Tom Betteridge

You’ve no doubt heard the saying many times “with age comes wisdom”. But have you ever stopped to wonder if it’s true?

While our life experience expands our knowledge, it can also hold us back. If we do get wiser with age, why is it that we experience less self-belief and more self-doubt? For many of us, the fear of failure stops us from reaching our potential. But it’s possible to reverse this trend by allowing our minds to be a little more childish.

In this article we’ll share five valuable lessons we can learn from children, that allow us to dream big, achieve more and be our best.


Look at The World Through a Child’s Eyes

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that children see the world very differently. They notice the beauty and intrigue of everyday things and have a unique way of interpreting it. Embracing this fresh perspective is not only inspiring, it also forces us to notice things we’d have otherwise missed.

This sharpened sense of observation is a valuable skill both in life and work. When we see the small details, we become more connected to and in tune with our surroundings. This allows us to be present, focused and make better decisions.


Be Courageous and Try New Things

An unfortunate side-effect of life experience is the knowledge that things don’t always go to plan. This tends to manifest itself into an internal voice that talks us out of taking a risk or trying something new.

Kids on the other hand, are more likely to embrace the opportunity to try things, as they view it as an adventure and don’t let the fear of failure hold them back. Most adults are much less likely to extend beyond their comfort zone, which means they stagnate and fail to maximise their potential.


Immerse Yourself in Something Creative

If you’re like most other adults you rarely (if ever) make time for creative pursuits. We’ve all forgotten how much fun we had as kids drawing, painting and making things! Unless you’re an artist, or parent or teacher of young children, chances are you rarely engage your creative side.

But as recent sales in adult colouring books has shown, letting your artistic juices flow on a regular basis has many benefits. It sharpens your focus, enhances your concentration and allows you to empty the negative junk from your mind to make way for more dreams and aspirations.


Start Every Day with A Clean Slate

How often is your first waking thought a worry or regret? Can you remember the last time you felt excited by the possibilities of a brand-new day? For kids, every day is a blank page where anything can happen. However, as we get older, the baggage we carry from day to day weighs us down and holds us back. While we all have responsibilities and tasks we need to get done, living less in the past or future, and more in the now creates the positive outlook we need to dream and achieve.


Believe That Anything is Possible

Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from children is to believe that anything is possible. And not just in a half-hearted way – really believe it to your core. This shouldn’t be too hard – as adults, we see proof every day. You only have to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV to see evidence that people around the world are achieving amazing things. So, welcome a childish mindset today and elevate yourself!


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