Tom Betteridge – How I Found Insight on the Expressway

Tom Betteridge – How I Found Insight on the Expressway

May 31, 2018 by Tom Betteridge

Success looks different to everyone. For you, it might be landing that promotion, buying your dream home, or becoming a leader in your chosen field. Or all of the above!

To get the most from yourself and life, you need to find that spark inside. That burning passion that drives you to get outside of your comfort zone and go that extra mile to achieve something special.

Finding that spark is easier said than done. But it’s there. It may take some soul searching to unearth, and perhaps some trial and error. But it’s worth the effort when you find it.

As for me, I like to set myself some pretty extreme goals – and competing in the Sydney Half Marathon was clearly one of them! But the journey to the race, the race itself, and the reflection afterwards have all provided me with valuable insight and motivation that has had a positive impact on both my personal and professional life. Here’s a snapshot of my experience and learning.

The Moment of Clarity

Even after many months of dedicated training, the race was extremely tough. At 16.5km in, I had very little heart left. I was in pain, my shoulders were tense and ached and I was seriously considering pulling out.

But then, came that moment of pure clarity. It was as I was coming onto the Cahill Expressway over Circular Quay, when I saw the iconic view of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the glistening water in between. The sun was rising over myself and the hundreds of other runners who were there with me.

I heard two things. The music playing in my earphones, an inspirational song to me that defines success. And the footsteps of the running tribe all around me, who were all going through their own personal mental and physical battles at that very same moment in their own unique way.

It was at this point, I understood I was having that “out of body experience” I’d always thought was crazy-talk. I could see myself and every single piece of training and learning I’d completed over the last six months clearly. I could feel it running through my veins and carrying me towards that finish line.


Finding that spark is easier said than done. But it’s there. It may take some soul searching to unearth, and perhaps some trial and error. But it’s worth the effort when you find it.


The 4 Key Insights I Learned

This was an emotional moment for me, and I came to realise four important things:

1. The journey and all the humble wins along the way are the key to my success. Every single day, I’m expanding my mind and pushing the boundaries to what I thought was possible. This allows me to develop a fearless mindset and have absolute clarity of what I want in this world.

2. Losing the judgement, allows you to find joy in the unexpected. During my training, I’ve run with a hugely diverse bunch of people and never really thought much of it. On race day, one of the greatest moments for me was slowing down towards the end and chatting with an 88-year-old gentleman, who in his tenth Sydney Half Marathon, finds freedom in his running. I could see him resonating, so brightly that everyone around him was uplifted and smiling to be in his environment.

3. Dedicating myself to something “mindless” when I was lost, allowed me to re-find my vision. What I’m trying to say here is that on a granular level, I gave myself a purpose to get out of bed every day at 5am and run. This structure helped me to attract other purposes in my life and drive me forward. My days have become more productive, my motivation has reached an all-time high and I’m loving it.

4. Getting outside my comfort zone led to me saying YES. This can be a shock to the mind and body, but it breeds more and more opportunities and a lust to explore and experience new adventures. Through running, I found a courage zone that helped me create a positive, less judgmental outlook on life. This allowed me to break through the barriers in my own mind. Where I once would have said no, I now say YES – to anything and everything!


So, What’s Next?

I have now set myself two more “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” for the next twelve months, which sound INSANE.

1.       The full Sydney Marathon in September

2.       An ultra-marathon (100km race) through the Blue Mountains in May 2019

Who knows where this will take me and what learnings lie out there for me in the next 12 months? Regardless, I’m excited to find out and open my mind to the unexpected!

If you’d like to chat to Tom about finding your best career path and your best you, contact Reo today!

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