4 Key Behaviours That Will Get the Boss Watching You

4 Key Behaviours That Will Get the Boss Watching You

May 2, 2018 by Courtney Price

So, you’ve reached a point in your career where you’re ready to take the next step and land the promotion that propels you to executive level. You work hard and are damn good at what you do – but although you toil away and hit your KPIs week after week, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

The truth is, in today’s competitive workforce, a good work ethic and solid track record is often not enough. To achieve the highest success, you need to get great results and make sure the right people are watching. But how do you stand out and get noticed by those that count?

In this article, we’ll share four key behaviours that will get the attention of your boss and convince them you deserve to take your place at the boardroom table.

Speak and Act Like You Belong at the Top

It’s no coincidence that successful people are clear communicators. Look the part and talk like you belong at the top and your boss and colleagues will take notice and listen. Start by talking a little louder and a little slower. Get it right, and you’ll build confidence in your authority on the subject and give your audience time to fully digest your ideas.

Build your executive presence by being mindful of what you say and avoiding unnecessary words. Have a clear picture of what you want to say before you enter a room to avoid getting off track, and don’t be afraid to throw in a deliberate pause every now and then for effect. Confident communicating can be mastered, even if it doesn’t come naturally, so start putting it into practise today.

Treat Others with Respect, No Exceptions

The best leaders treat everyone with the same level of respect – from a fellow CEO, to a receptionist, or a cleaner. Their graciousness and language is consistent, and they don’t lose their cool. Reputations can be formed in an instant, and a lapse in judgement can be extremely damaging, especially in today’s world of instant messaging via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Be respectful to others in both your words and actions, in person, over the phone and in emails. Be on time and keep your promises. Use appropriate language always and be smart about what you post online – assume that everything you say on social media will be seen by your boss and potential employers.

Nurture Relationships with Key Personnel

Focus your efforts to get noticed on the right people. Nurture your relationships with your boss, their boss, and the other key decision makers. Be active in building sponsorship with those who have influence. They are the ones who can identify suitable opportunities and champion your case.

Whether you join industry boards to increase your exposure or directly reach out to key personnel who count, be proactive in getting yourself noticed and heard by the right people. For the best results, keep it focused – don’t make the mistake of trying to reach everyone and spreading yourself too thin. Once you have their attention, don’t be afraid to talk about the type of opportunity you are looking for. Being direct and honest sends a message that you are confident in your ability, know what you want and are ready to take the next step.

Back Yourself to Deliver Great Results

Of course, to progress your career you need to show you have the results to back it up. But it can be tough to get the all clear to try your ideas in the first place. Confident communication is an important first step to overcome this, but you also need to be willing to rock the boat a little and back yourself to deliver.

If you can see a better way of doing things, don’t be afraid to suggest it. If there is a reluctance to try something new, suggest an agreeable compromise such as a short-term trial. This gives you the chance to prove your ideas work and get results for the organisation, while minimising the risk for your boss.

Get Results, Get Noticed and Achieve Success

When you are getting great results at work, and the right people know about it, you’ll set yourself up for the best chance of success. Focus your efforts on connecting with the key people who can help you get where you want to be and speak and act like you belong at the top. Before you know it, your bosses and potential employees will start believing it – and you may just find yourself at that boardroom table sooner than you think.


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