What can you expect from recruitment with Reo?

What can you expect from recruitment with Reo?

April 10, 2018 by Stella Petrou Concha

Whether you’re a candidate after a job or an organisation looking for new staff, recruitment agencies are valuable partners in helping you achieve these goals. Among our many talents at Reo is a knack for recruiting that few can match.

We do things differently. Whereas other recruiters will often just place a candidate into the best job available, or fill a vacancy with the best candidate in front of them, we go above and beyond to create perfect matches between our candidates and clients.

So, what can you expect when you partner with Reo for your recruitment needs?

Selection criteria and the candidate capability matrix

We create custom selection criteria for every role our clients are seeking to fill. Working alongside the client, we develop five to seven key criteria prospective candidates must meet. These are often technical and job-specific, based on things the role requires.

Creating a martix of skills and attributes a candidate needs ensures we find the right person for the job.
Creating a matrix of skills and attributes a candidate needs ensures we find the right person for the job.

From here, a competency matrix is constructed, using both the key criteria needed to perform in the role, along with factors relevant to how well a candidate will fit into a company’s culture. Every candidate is assessed against this matrix and only those that match all relevant criteria are sent on to the client.

Candidate sourcing

We also use a variety of techniques to find candidates for our clients.

The search begins with an industry sector analysis that involves head hunting and mapping talent to a set of critical criteria we’ve developed. It’s not just about looking through our existing databases – though that is a valuable resource we constantly employ. We take an approach that allows us to find those candidates that might not be looking for a job, the ones that are passive and hard to find. Alongside headhunting, talent mapping and searching our database, we also find candidates through our hidden talent network, LinkedIn and referral networking.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is a plus for candidates and clients alike. For the former, it’s a chance to demonstrate their true competencies in an unbiased way, without having to simply explain how great they are. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. For the latter, it’s a chance to step around the obvious flaws of only using an interview and CV to assess the viability of a candidate in a more objective way.

We’re authorised administrators of the CEB psychometric profile, an assessment that measures candidate’s job-related abilities and allows clients to benchmark employees in their business. Another test we sometimes run is the MTQ48 mental toughness assessment, a great yardstick for understanding how well a candidate is able to remain resilient and focus under pressure.

After placement care

Unlike other recruitment agencies, we don’t hang up our boots once we’ve placed a candidate with a client. At Reo, we take our duties to both parties very seriously, forming deep relationships with both. The managing consultant schedules fortnightly calls with the successful candidate, gauging their sentiment towards the company, the role and the people they’re working with. Depending on their feedback, meetings with the employer may be set up to ensure both parties are happy with the relationship.

After placement calls and meetings are an important part of what makes us different.
After-placement calls and meetings are an important part of what makes us different.

The same care is taken with the client too – meetings are scheduled for the managing consultant to discuss how the successful candidate is performing, and to ensure they’ve met the relevant behavioural, leadership and organisational milestones.

The Reo difference

At Reo, our goal is to elevate the human potential of all those we work with.


There’s plenty of evidence that our methods work. For one, we have a 98 percent retention rate at the 2-year mark for the permanent candidates we place. If you’re looking for a new job or hunting for another addition to your team, find out for yourself how good we are and contact us today.

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