Reo Group leads the way with initiatives to give back to our staff

Reo Group leads the way with initiatives to give back to our staff

January 29, 2018 by Tom Nisevic

One of the core values of Reo is elevating human potential. We strongly believe this is important not only for our clients and candidates but it is just as important for our staff.

We regularly have huge amounts of fun with our monthly social events (the last one being a crazy golf day) and we are currently working through an in-depth Learning and Development program with each member of staff. All our staff go through the Best Self Identity program and we endeavor each day to reach our next “best self” to grow and improve individually and as a team. This month we have launched two initiatives for our staff that we are very proud of; an Employee Assistance Program and Reo Day!

Reo days – Giving back two free days per quarter

We are proud to launch Reo Days for our staff starting from 1 January 2018. In Reo days we seek to recognise the additional effort performed by our people in supporting the business and helping Reo reach its strategic objectives. With Reo days we want to give back to our staff with wellbeing days off, these will be one or two days of paid leave per quarter which are in addition to their other leave entitlements. That’s an extra 8 days of paid leave per year for our people, 8 more kit-kat days to enjoy! Here is what some of our staff have to say about Reo Days:

The implementation of Reo Days is an amazing initiative! This enables staff to operate in a high-performance environment, providing the flexibility to achieve knowing there will be days made available for maintaining personal wellbeing. Having worked in many different corporate environments I have seen nothing like this. Usually, its work, work, work and then you try and fit in some annual leave here or there to recover from the mental and physical exhaustion of working continuously long hours. Reo has gone above and beyond to provide these Reo Days in additional to the standard annual leave! – Shazad Pervez
Recruitment is not just a job but a lifestyle. Here at Reo, we are passionate about elevating our candidates and being available to our clients. This often means we are prepping candidate or taking clients calls late at night or early in the morning.  Reo has not let this extra effort go unnoticed instead, they are now rewarding us with a day off each quarter that we can use to recharge and reflect. Personally, I think this is absolutely incredible and I am grateful to be working for an organisation that truly values its
employees. – Archana Rao

Shazad Pervez and Archana Rao

Shazad Pervez and Archana Rao talk about Reo Day.

We are very excited to see Reo Days in action and are proud to lead the way for other businesses in this, being aware that it is not common practice for businesses to offer this type of initiative to staff.

Reo Employee Assistance Program – Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right Direction.

Following on from Reo Days, with our high performing team constantly giving of their energy to our candidate and clients, we recognise that they can often forget to take a step back and look after themselves, working long hours and more often than not on weekends. With this in mind, we have engaged PeopleSense to provide a professional and confidential counseling service to our staff members. PeopleSense employs experienced and qualified psychologist with a “human” style. Their approach is friendly, caring, and focused on practical solutions. The service is free to our staff members and offers counseling in areas such as –

  • Depression, anxiety, stress;
  • Family or relationship problems;
  • Children and adolescents mental health;
  • Work-related problems (e.g. bullying, conflict, redundancy);
  • Alcohol or other substance use problems
  • Grieg and loss;
  • Trauma; and
  • Other personal or work issues


With this program we also want to demystify “mental illness” and remove labels that are often associated with it; we understand that sometimes we all just need to be pointed in the right direction.


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