Parenting power: why working mothers are productive employees

Parenting power: why working mothers are productive employees

June 15, 2017 by Stella Petrou Concha

A recent survey shows that part-time female workers are the most productive employees on the floor – what can we learn from these working mums?

In an age when productivity at work is paramount, the data showing which demographics are the most efficient can often be surprising. Part-time female workers have been shown to be some of the workplace’s most productive employees in Australia, according to a recent Ernst & Young report.

Part-time female workers have been shown to be some of the workplace’s most productive employees in Australia.

Women in flexible work reportedly only waste 11.1 per cent of their daily work time, compared to the 14.5 per cent wasted by everyone else (and the 14.2 per cent wasted by male part-time employees). According to the report, Australia and New Zealand combined could save up to $1.4 billion on wasted wages just by hiring efficient part-time female workers.

What can we learn from working mothers about productivity, and how can businesses encourage their workers to make the most of the workday?

Why working mums are so productive

The work-life balance for working parents, particularly new mothers, is a notoriously difficult one to strike. However, the data would suggest that this lack of time and need for multi-tasking is actually pushing part-time working females to be more productive during whatever work hours they have.

Though to full-time employees it might seem like working parents are slacking off by leaving early or taking time off to care for a sick child, this work is often made up after the kids have gone to bed. When employees who don’t have children might be relaxing with a book or watching television, many working mothers (around 45 per cent of them) are busy making sure they’re caught up on work, according to Fast Company.

mom playing with her baby
Working mums have been shown to be some of the most productive employees.

Lessons for employers

If there’s anything that new parents know lots about, it’s time management; having a child requires an unfathomable amount of multi-tasking and prioritisation. Working mothers are arguably so much more productive than other employees because they take the time management lessons they learn every day at home and apply them at work.

Why, if part-time female workers are so efficient, are employers not jumping at the chance to hire more? One answer to this is the stigma surrounding flexible hours as well as that surrounding working mothers – when productivity is low, it can be easy to blame part-time employees.

The findings of this report demonstrate the value of part-time female workers and will hopefully help employers to see the advantages of having an increasingly diverse workforce. For more productivity tips, take a look at Reo’s blog!

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