Landing a job after university: advice from the Reo graduates

Landing a job after university: advice from the Reo graduates

May 26, 2017 by Reo Group

Obtaining a position as a graduate can be incredibly competitive – read about how these three Reo employees landed a job after graduation.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to land your first job after completing a degree? If you’ve been working for a while, this is likely far from your mind. Today’s market is brutal, and the resilience a graduate needs to land their first jobs is evident.

The market expectation around emotional intelligence and maturity commands graduates to be operating far beyond their years. I recently interviewed Reo’s three graduates and asked them what they thought it took to be the successful few amongst hundreds of candidates. How did they prepare mentally, and what was the X-factor that lead to their success?

Clare Williams

“During my university graduation ceremony, I remember looking around at hundreds of my fellow graduates – who were just as driven and eager as I was – and feeling terrified. I wasn’t sure how I should go about taking the first step in my career,” explains Clare. “I decided to do some serious self-reflecting to discover what my most valuable strength was and what made me unique. I realised that in order to succeed in an interview process, I needed to be confident in myself and my own abilities to demonstrate the value I could add to a business.”

Clare goes on to say, “I believe that my self-assurance was the quality that allowed me to stand out amongst hundreds of other candidates. Self-reflection was a tool I utilised to secure a position in my dream role at Reo. In the process I learned about who I am, what I have to offer and how to live it with confidence.”

Reo Graduates

REO’s star graduates: Clare, Cameron and Sukhleen.

Cameron Rogers

“Obtaining a graduate role in any field is a daunting process, as everyone is on a very similar playing field,” explains Cameron. “The question I kept asking myself was, ‘how do I set myself apart?’ Upon graduating, I was confused as to what career path I wanted to follow. However, after reflecting on the skills and attributes I wanted to demonstrate on a daily basis, I realised that recruitment was a natural move for my career.”

Cameron knew that in order to succeed in the interview process, he would need to draw on his previous experience in corporate environments. “I worked full time in a corporate role ever since I left school, so entering into the market meant that I could leverage four years of work experience, even though I was a graduate. My resilience and determination to do this is what set me apart.”

“I focused on incremental wins of being successful, one interview at a time.”

Sukhleen Kaur

“When I started the process with Reo, I remember being very nervous and worried that I might not get through the phone screening, let alone the interview,” admits Sukhleen. “I’m someone who is very career-focused, but I needed to temper my anxiousness around losing or winning because otherwise I wouldn’t get to the next stage.”

She goes on to say, “I knew that I had to be strong and focused. I didn’t just concentrate on the end game of landing the job – I focused on incremental wins of being successful, one interview at a time.”

What is the takeaway? 

Know your strengths and bring them to the forefront of the interview process, be strong and get fear out of the way, and leverage your past employment history. All these behaviours can get you through the difficult and gruelling process of landing your first job.

Clare, Cameron and Sukhleen beat the graduate odds, and so can you!


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