Elevating Human Potential

Elevating Human Potential

January 19, 2017 by Stella Petrou Concha

Why I turned my back on Medicine

Last year I was questioned by a Chief Executive about why I had made the transition from medicine to recruitment. The concept to him was ludicrous. He questioned whether I was some sort of a failure, he thought I may even be crazy. His values and mode of mental operation didn’t allow him to be open to the concept of a career change.

His question did end up sparking some self-reflection. Was I a crazy person for entering into the competitive, sometimes thankless, world of recruitment?

The road to success has many turns

When I left the medical field I felt empty and passionless. I couldn’t really connect with people or assist them to the degree that made me feel needed and successful. My bedside manner with patients was too close. My care for people was too intense and the impact of having disconnected relationships with hundreds of sick people wore down on me. I was indeed a crazy person amongst my colleagues.

When my husband and I started Reo Recruitment we embarked on a journey to bring the love and compassion from the medical field into the harsh and judgmental world of recruitment. Over the last 7 years at Reo, we have built deep and meaningful relationships with people in a way that medicine could never offer me personally. The deep and loyal relationships we share has allowed us to truly impact the lives of hundreds of people, propelling them forward and giving them a sense of belonging and recognition for who they are. This was all about elevating consciousness and spirit.

Why the new name? Reo’s evolution

Why the name change? We realised that we are more than just a recruitment agency. So, here is the new us: Reo.

16 - creating magical connections

Reo’s purpose is elevating human potential. We do this by nurturing and developing people to create opportunities – not just with new job offerings but with new connections and revelations. That might be a conversation with Reo that sparks an enlightened thought which gets you a promotion in your current organisation. It could be an introduction to a peer facilitated by Reo that provides you a doorway to new horizons. The scope of what we do expands with time. We work with people so that they can experience the best versions of themselves regardless of the outcome.

Someone once said, we are not recruiters, we are magicians. If we do possess magic, it is the power to expand the minds and hearts of the people we work with so they can step into their own expanded potential. When you do better, we do better.

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