Finding your passion MUST be your passion

Finding your passion MUST be your passion

December 7, 2016 by Tom Nisevic

“The path to wealth is not to chase money for its own sake.”

I came across this interesting perspective recently and it was one that I reflected on in terms of:

  • Building your career
  • Finding the next role
  • The mantra of work/life balance
  • Passion.

Having spent close to 20 years in finance myself, the thing that struck me the most about being good enough versus great was the self-reflection needed to know who you are, what your values are and perhaps most importantly, how they translate into your passion and touch the people around you.

In the world of finance and shaping one’s career, there can be a tendency for box ticking: Is the money right? Is it a good title? Does the culture fit? But how often have you pondered how this opportunity aligns with your values and passion?

When you follow your passion you will naturally overachieve. This opens the door for progression, money and even happiness! When you follow your passion you set yourself up on a path to success.


Understand yourself to find your passion

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth – 6.5 per cent of all people ever born. But you are still unique. To know your passion is to better understand who you are and what you are capable of achieving in your own unique way.

Self-awareness is the wisdom that guides us towards our passion. There are many tools available to support building self-awareness. I believe that passion is aligned with authentic happiness. Understanding what truly makes you happy through who you normally are is one of the keys to unlocking this wisdom.

The University of Pennsylvania provides a website devoted to authentic happiness and they make available a free questionnaire (after registering) called the ‘VIA Survey of Character Strengths.’ It consists of 240 multiple choice questions that (potentially with the help of a nice glass of red) may help open up a bit of honesty and provide a ranked listing of 24 characteristics and values that you normally exhibit as a human being.


When you follow your passion, you naturally overachieve

When you follow your passion you will naturally overachieve.

These aren’t a ranking of good or bad, just what you normally exhibit most often.

Leveraging it

To be the most amazing person you can be, to find the most amazing job that supports your passion, you can leverage the results to shape your pathway:

  • Align your top five signature character strengths with any projects and consciously use them when you interact with people.
  • Map your character strengths to the opportunity – will the new role play naturally to your strengths? Or will it push you to build values that maybe don’t come naturally to you?
  • Set your development plan and build this into your personal development plan with specific goals and actions that link to your career pathway.

Remember, success is not just about delivering results, it’s about HOW you deliver the results and behaviours.

To learn more about applying the VIA Character Strengths in the search for your passion, your next role and developing that career pathway, contact Reo today.

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