A finance career is not a lifetime commitment: Make the change today

A finance career is not a lifetime commitment: Make the change today

April 1, 2016 by Stella Petrou Concha

Many of us have had the feeling, the grand realisation that we have achieved just about everything we wanted and have attained everything we need.

For those in finance jobs, who have been sitting behind spreadsheets for the last ten years, ask yourself this: Are you looking for a fuller, richer role? A position where you can use your financial control skills in a new way to make a difference to people’s lives?

If you are, REO Recruitment could be the perfect vehicle to propel you forward.

Moving from finance jobs to recruitment could be the change you have been looking for.

As a recruitment specialist, you could be using your vast knowledge of the financial world, not to mention the array of contacts you have created, to help others reach the same heights you have. You will be driving people towards their dreams, while creating a legacy for yourself at the same time.

Let me explain

I recently read a book called Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul. Author John Robinson points out that there are many chapters in one’s life and sometimes a new chapter, like a career change can be a sea change and the beginning of a new era. For those who have the courage to face up to the challenges it presents, a range of transformational processes can follow.

The book intimately structures a person’s life based on the yearly seasons. A person is born in Spring, where everything is new, exciting and filled with a range of unique people. As they grow they enter Summer and the person begins to quest to become a hero, striving to fulfil their wants and needs. As Summer comes and goes, Autumn sets in.

For some, Autumn is the time to reflect upon life and for many the question of contribution arises. Am I advancing humanity? Will I leave a legacy that I will be remembered by?

Sometimes in the finance vertical, it’s hard to contribute beyond the balance sheet. According to Robinson, this is the time where the Hero dies and the Soul is born. This is the time where you may have a deep desire to pursue something different.


Moving from out to in

For many people in the Autumn of their career, the search for new pastures is not driven by material wants – like it was in Summer. Instead, it’s about making valuable contributions to others and the world in general.

This is a natural transition in life, however, it is highly important that an individual can leverage this properly. I interview many candidates who have reached staggering heights in their career and yet their deep desire to contribute to the world has not always been satisfied.

This is where REO Recruitment comes in.

Where will the Autumn path take you?

Where will the Autumn path take you?

But what can a career in recruitment offer me?

At REO Recruitment, we know how hard it can be to break free of the mould that has comes to characterise who you are. It does not matter if you have been an accountant for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, if you are interested in a career change that will capitalise on your strong financial history, a role with REO could be your next stop. Our environment is such that it allows finance professionals to learn new competencies in consulting and advisory – and grow into a new field of expertise.

The essence of our organisation is based around three key themes: Intimacy, honesty, and connection. All three of these characteristics are essential to our culture of care. By investing in relationships, we can ensure our clients and candidates receive the best services.

If you are coming to the Autumn of your life, and ready, to begin your new chapter, call Stella Petrou Concha – Co-Founder & CEO REO Recruitment and start the journey today.

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